Respectful communication

Respectful communication can be delivered virtually

Respectful communication will make everyone feel seen, heard and understood.

Respectful communication is a workshop that will strengthen any team.

During the workshop the team will be led through a series of exercises, where they explore their perferred style of communication.

Discovering the consequenses of not being respectful when communicating, a natural motivation towards adapted communication and new connections will arise.

We will be looking a real examples of great communication and less great communication, helping each other to become aware of how we can can all improve of verbally and in writing.

The workshop is anchored in psychology, but the atmosphere is interactive, playful, motivating and rich in learning.

The workshop booklet Respectful communication

Gives maximum effect

The workshop book Respectful communication takes up 40 pages and has some very specific functions in relation to the workshop itself.

It guarantees that...

...each participant retains the maximum of learning, since the booklet is directly connected to the flow and progress of the interactive workshop in Respectful communication.

It has several exercises that...

...go beyond the workshop itself, making sure that the team will continue adapting their communication in a respectful way.

It contains psychological nudges...

...motivational tasks and space for individual reflection about the styles of communication. It simply makes everyone naturally curious towards improving the quality of communication.

The workshop booklet Successful collaboration brings you maximum learning effect and massive positive impact on the team.

Outcomes and effects of the workshop Respectful communication

Every member of the team…
Are now aware of the intensity in their communication.

Seek to adapt to the recipient in order to communicate effectively.

Will bring the heartful and self-aware dialogues in to their work style and habits.

Will continue to grow, develop and deepen their competences in communication.

The team will proactively use the psychological communication tools to increase the overall effectiveness.

The team leader has a crucial role in the continued success of the workshop

Boosters for the team leader

At the end of the workshop the teamleader receives a package of boosters for continual improvement of the team. The simple step to take is look at the boosters, nominate some ambassadors, and the start integrate high quality communication by playing some of the entertaining games around communication from the boosters package

5 specific exercises

To run post workshop – with instructions5 dilemmas

5 dilemmas

For the team to solve on their own

5 bi-weekly challenges

To engage the team in keeping up the new purposeful habits

And much more!

The team leader receives the tools to truly anchor the experiences from the workshop, so higher effectiveness and better team climate is achieved.

These boosters will give you significantly higher effect of the workshop.

Download the workshop Respectful communication in pdf for a good decision-making basis.