Motivational feedback

Motivational feedback can be delivered virtually as well

Motivational feedback will bring the team together

Motivational feedback creates new energy, optimism and self-confidence in any team. Enjoying a positive atmosphere, this workshop will give the participants several psychological tools to use when giving feedback. Thoughout the whole day we build an trusting and respectful atmophere that serves as the conduite for the meanings, intentions and expectations behind the feedback that really works. Based on the knowledge from the previous workshops, the participants expand their comfort zone and self-awareness, as they receive feedback about their strengths and possible weaknesses. After the workshop each person will feel motivated to give honest and authentic feedback immediately as an event unfolds. The positive effects of this workshop is a game changer for any team.

The workshop is intense, rich in learning, interactive and yes, motivating.

The workshop booklet Motivational feedback

Gives maximum effect on the new skills
Every team member receives a 40-page workshop booklet, customized for the event. The booklet has very specific functions.
It serves as your guarantee that... can continue integrating the learning in the team after the workshop. It holds both theory and exercises for individual learning and habit change regarding motivational feedback.

It will continually bring...

...the team together post workshop, as each recipient complete the challenges embedded in the booklet. As such, it is a wonderful tool for both the HR-manager and the team leader.

It contains...

... psychological nudges, motivational tasks and space for individual reflections, but also foster a true will to make well-intended feedback a significant part of the team culture.

The booklet creates a long lasting positive effect of the workhop.

Outcomes and effects of the workshop Motivational feedback:

Every member of the team…
Will be driven to give a lot more positive feedback on a daily basis.
Will enjoy the huge positive effect feedback has on their colleagues.
Will look for positive facets in their colleagues, creating new energy.
Will develop their feedback competences post-workshop.

The team climate will go up several levels, just as conflicts will decrease.

The team leader will continue the integration of feedback

Boosters for the team leader

The Motivating feedback workshop is far from limiting itself to just this one day in terms of effect. You get much more from Ambitious Teams. At the end of the workshop, the team leader receives a package of boosters within motivational feedback, which ensures that the learning is anchored in behaviour.
5 specific exercises

To run post workshop – with instructions5 dilemmas

5 dilemmas

For the team to solve on their own

5 challenges

To engage the team in keeping up the new purposeful habits in giving and receiving feedback

And much more!

Post workshop the team leader or the HR-manager receives the Motivational feedback toolbox of boosters to continue the postive and connected atmosphere the workshop.

These boosters will give you significantly higher effect of the workshop.

Being able to deliver authentic and honest feedback in any given situation should ideally be part of everybody’s skillset. Too many organisations haven’t anchored this significant part of any winning culture – giving motivational feedback. Imagine that all your colleagues truly had your best interest, and also had the skillset to express and apply these competences. Everybody would participate in creating positive circles, and an environment where potential is set free on a daily basis. Giving great feedback does not take much effort. Feedback does not cost anything. It serves the purpose of connecting people and reducing conflict. There is no excuse not to make motivational feedback an anchored part of any team culture.

What goes around, comes around.