Motivating workshops
Every workshop from Ambitious Teams

creates healthier effectiveness

Every workshop functions in itself

Every workshop has a duration of ½ – 1 day.

The workshops have been created based on 20 years of consultancy expertise and more than 1.100 delivered workshops.

They will be facilitated by Ambitious Teams, and integrated by the team leader post-workshop.

Every workshop can be combined with other workshops

Every workshop is highly effectful in it’s own right, bringing self-awareness, new energy and specific competences to the team.

But the true advantage is that all the workshops can be combined effortlessly into beautiful team development programmes.

As a team manager og HR-partner you can create great development programmes for various teams with ease.

Every workshop is anchored in psychological research
All the workshops consists of exercises, games, reflection, play, grouptalk and entertainment, but everything that we do is directly anchored in motivational psycholgy, social psychology and expertise in consulting. As a participant you will experience some intense and fast-flowing workshops, rich in content, tools, interaction and smiles.
Every workshop will be fitted to your needs

Every workshop consists of a powerpoint-show, a workshop booklet and a competent consultant, creating the best practice platform for the day.

On top of that you will experience personal profiles, card games, posters and other tangible learning materials to vivify the day.

Every workshop will be adapted to your audience, whether you are 5 persons or 500 persons, new teams or global executive teams.

Overview over

Ambitious Teams' workshops

Below you can see the building blocks for creating high performance teams. Teams the enjoy a healthy effectiveness in the long run.

What is your pathway to a really great team? Well, let us find out together, by sharing issues, goals, visions, strategies, values etc. Having co-designed programmes hundreds upon hundreds of times, we can most likely integrate all your wishes.

It is recommended that you begin with the workshop Individual effectiveness, and then add two extra days of your liking. However tempting, don’t build a vast and prescriptive programme in these times of change. Honestly, after 3 workshops and appr. 3 months of boosters, the team will have moved tremendously in a positive direction, maybe facing new issues that are impossible to predict. Or maybe they have already become a high performing team.

All the workshops are unique, not a single slide or exercise reoccur.

Ambitious Teams invites you to choose your way forward.

Individual effectiveness

1 day workshop

All team members receive a psychological profile that brings everyone to a great level of self-awareness regarding work preferences. Individual strengths will be recognized, but potential weaknesses for the teamwork will also be identified.

The process of self-discovery is exciting and humbling for each participant, and all the exercises will be conducted with a deep respect for everyone. We will go as far and deep as the team allows.

How can I improve for the benefit of my team?

Personal coaching

1½ hours individual

Every team member receives a personal coaching session, where they are given specific tools and tasks to deal with their current situation.

A coaching session always makes the next workshop session particularly rich and precise, because everyone have shared their perception of specific issues. Now, everyone is willing to commit to change.

What is really going on with me right now?

Successful collaboration

1 day workshop

Reawaken the team spirit and your motivation with this workshop that puts focus on getting every behind the purpose of the team.

Individual flexibility is highlighted and needed as we look at interdependencies, intentions, habits, preferences and the quality of relations. Adapting and connecting is the way forward.

How can we get to higher levels of effectiveness and thriving by collaborating?

The change-ready team

1 day workshop

The ravages of time demand that you, as a human being, have to put up with wave shells and what is worse. But readiness for change can be trained. It’s about mindset, interpretive ability and self-awareness. The workshop gets close to the individual’s beliefs in a constructive way.

I think I am very open to change, don’t you think?

Maintain presence in the team

1 day workshop

The Corona crisis has changed us all, but in very different ways. If the presence in the team is to be maintained or innovated, then it requires that all team members have a curious eye for personal development, which is not immediately captured at first glance.

How have I changed and what do you please respect?

Respectful communication

1 day workshop

If the goal is to unleash the potential of the team, it can not be done without exploring and improving the way you communicate orally, in writing and with your behaviour.

The pitfalls and strengths will be obvious for all, and in a spirit of trust great accords will be made.

Do I sometimes offend others when we communicate? Surely not!

Motivational feedback

1 day workshop

The pathway to higher team effectiveness is best taken with equal amounts of vulnerability and courage. These two attitudes create deep connections and understanding between the participants. The workshop is emotionally intense and rewarding, and issues will surely be addressed in private conversations, but with psychological tools in hand.

What should my hew habits be?

The adaptable team

1 day workshop
The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up many teams. Everyone has individual reactions to it, and the ambitious team comes out stronger from such changes. In this workshop we will look at the blind spots of change and focus on solutions to some of the things that can be difficult to talk about. Hvordan har jeg det i virkeligheden i teamet?

We increase the resilience of the team

1 day workshop

Each team has its own unique journey. One thing you can be sure of is, that the journey will have highs and lows, ups and downs. Here team resilience comes in play. Are we able to flow through rough waters, when circumstances requires it? Resilience can be taught and sculpted on a team level, and that is exactly what we will do on this workshop.

When was the last time we were under pressure?

We increase the levels of trust within the team

1 day workshop

If you truly want to create sustainable high performance within your team, then this workshop is a must. In a playful and serious manner, we train the particular behaviours that promote trust within the team. Looking at the team through a lens of trust reveals many possible adjustments that create true effect. Not only in the present, but in the long run.

What can I do for others to trust me more?

Increased accountability within the team

1 day workshop

Being responsible for an area or a task can lift individuals up, but it can also create unpurposeful silos and narrow-minded thinking, where the responsibilities of the whole team is ignored.

Understanding the psychological mechanics of responsibility, we align priorities in a positive way both individually and on a team level. True motivation for new tasks is the core of the workshop.

Do I stretch enough for my team?

Outcomes and effects of Ambitious Teams' workshops:

Every participant…

Will benefit from the awareness of the variety of individual preferences.

Will be able to apply the tools and the learning in everyday worklife – plug and play.

Will contribute to the development of colleagues in a respectful way.

Will be motivated to bring the team to a higher level of sustainable effectiveness.

The team will make a continued effort to use and apply the new comptences.