Personal coaching

Personal coaching can be delivered virtually

Personal coaching anchored in psychology and 20 years of experience

Personal coaching with Ambitious Teams includes your own Insights Discovery Profile, for a rich and meaningful dialogue. The Insights Discovery Profile is valid in more than 36 languages, and addresses specific learning points for the recipient. It pivots around individual preferences, and displays these in graphs and the Insights wheel. The Insights Discovery profile contains 23 pages of easy-to-understand statements that are completely unique for the recipient. The statements are rich in learning, challenging, strengthening and explores the self-awareness person being coached.

The coaching is heartful, authentic and expands your self-awareness. The dialogue brings you clarity on the next steps in your career.

The coaching booklet

Will ensure continuous improvement
If you choose Ambitious Teams as your preferred coaching company you will receive a personal coaching booklet that offers multible advantages.
With Ambitious Teams' Coaching booklet... will be able to track, monitor, qualify and question you own progress, thoughts and relections.

Ambitious Teams Coaching booklet...

...has several exercises that go beyond coaching itself, ensuring that you make actual changes.

Ambitious Teams Coaching booklet...

...contains plug-and-play psychological nudgings, so you can positively influence your environment.

The coaching booklet serves as your guarantee of progress.

Outcomes and effects of the coaching:

Every coachee…
You will experience less conflicts in your encounters with colleagues.
You will proactively follow the plan for growth and personal success we made.
You will feel a deep commitment to your new habits.
You will have the motivation to follow you dreams and aspirations.

The whole team will benefit from you being on purpose in your life and career.