Strengthened through the pandemic

assures maximum effect

Get the psychological tools to come strengthened though the pandemic

Is your team also suffering from the effects of the furloughs, the lockdowns, the regulations and restrictions that various governments have implemented to control the spread og Covid-19?

If yes, then Ambitious Teams offers you a new beginning, an interactive online webinar that allows your team to share experiences, build connections and find a common solution to the right way forward.

This online workshop lets every participant find his own way forward, a way that is anchored in psychology and philosophy. This workshop comprises both prework and postwork for tangible positive effect.

The workshop Strengthened through the pandemic is entertaining, surprising, present and focusing

The prework and postwork

assures maximum effect
Every participant receives assignments, both before and after the workshop. The prework and postwork of Ambitious Teams serves to anchor the learnings of the workshop.
The prework is your guarantee that...

....each team member joins the workshop prepared, engaged and ready to share. The sharing of personal stories about the pandemic is part of the psychological base of the workshop.

The postwork is a gift for...

...the team leader or the team manager, who wants to build on the self-awareness created during the online-workshop. 5 specific assignments anchors the most important psychlogical tool in everyday life, and gives the HR-manager a great overview of what is going on in the team.

The prework and postwork is you guarantee that

...the webinar has an effect, not only during the webinar, but also long time after the webinar.

Get strengtened through the pandemic with gamified best practice psychology.

Outcomes and effects of the workshop

Strengthened through the pandemic

The participants…

Please, from the beginning of the webinar, play a role during the webinar. Discover that they are not alone with their feelings. Inspiring each other in breakout rooms to do more of the right thing. Will nurture a healthy sense of community driven by a shared growth mindset. Will be motivated to expand their skills and learn from the crisis.

Boosters for the team leader

At the end of Strengthened through the pandemic the teamleader receives a package of boosters for continual improvement of the team.
5 specific exercises

to run post workshop – with instructions.

5 dilemmas

for the team to solve on their own.

5 challenges

to engage the team in keeping up the new purposeful habits in collaboration.

And much more!

The team leader receives the tools to truly anchor the experiences from the workshop so everyone will continue to adapt purposefully to the crisis.


encourages good sharing of experiences
Ambitious Teams offers you the workshop Strengthened through the pandemic as a 1½ hour webinar. Stories and reflections will be shared, voices will be heard, all the while approaching individual solutions to emerge strengthened through the pandemic. The webinar can stand alone or be part of a wider modular program course according to your wishes.
The participants are prior to the webinar asked to save the world, only they can do it. From there the Strengthened through the pandemic unfolds as a hunt for truth, right choices and becoming. The workshop will positively challenge anyone who participates, asking them to find their inner core as an adaptable human being. The workshop is both an inner journey, as well as a journey into the future, where hope and imagination fuels our attempts to deal constructively with Covid-19. The webinar can connect people across the globe, as it is usually delivered to international teams. This bring a certain richness to the workshop, and stands as a proof that no one is alone in the global crisis.

"Cor" originates from latin. It means both heart and courage, which you will need in this webinar.