Create the Vision

for teams and organisations that want a deeply rooted vision

for teams and organisations that want a deeply rooted vision

Management's vision

1 day workshop
Everyone in the leadership team receives a psychological profile, which is used as a foundation in the process towards creating your vision and vision statement. Everyone is made aware that the vision should be compelling and motivating, so that it is both understandable and easy to translate into action later on. In other words, management defines its own temporary vision.

Education sector

2 hours
The final vision of the organisation has not been found yet. Employees must also be involved to ensure that the vision is deeply rooted in each person. This is a responsibility that management is welcome to take on. Therefore, in involving the whole organisation, management is given psychological tools, handouts and powerpoints to run a 2-hour visioning process for the rest of the organisation. Ambitious Teams can also facilitate this part of the process. Employees then submit their own vision proposals to Ambitious Teams.

Private sector

1 day workshop
Ambitious Teams facilitates a visioning process for all involved, for the final vision statement to be found. The rest of the participants get their own Insights Person Profiles, so we can anchor the vision in the self-awareness, pulse and heartbeat of the organisation. The final vision is created through empathetic dialogue and acknowledgement of the vision suggestions received.

Public sector

1 day workshop
Within the framework of the vision, the mission is now discussed, i.e. how the vision becomes reality at the operational level. Each person commits to different tasks and missions, but especially to living the vision on a daily basis. The underlying motivation behind the vision is translated into action. This is the end of a successful and motivating visioning process, where everyone contributes positively to the realisation of the vision of the future.

Ambitious Teams' vision programmes are always designed to your specific requirements...

Evaluation of the vision programme

June 2021
The score below is based on an average of 142 measurement points. References are available on request.
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Create the Vision is a workshop programme that brings the team together and creates motivation and momentum behind the vision.

Create the Vision:
Is a workshop programme designed for...

...teams, departments, companies, and international business units to create a vision that everyone can support. Maybe you have a global vision already, which can be brought down to a Scandinavian level, or a corporate vision that a specific team needs to integrate? It's always about creating a living and sparkling vision.

Is build on Kirk Patricks approach to learning...

...that leaves participants engaged and motivated throughout the workshops, while ensuring that they know how to put learning into practice. In this case, managers are involved at a specific level so that they become role models for the vision.

Is a workshop programme we create together.

I capture your dreams, hopes, values, ideas and assumptions for creating a vision, and integrate them into the workshop book we both author. The result is that everyone has the organisation's new vision in the workshop booklet, including the big why behind it and in wonderful harmony with the organisation's identity.

As a programme, Create the Vision is tied together by 4 workshop books

Ambitious Teams' workshop booklets for creating the vision
The workshop booklets are...

...40 pages, and deals with the vision process and the mission process. The booklets are easy to read, easy to understand and full of inspiration. The workshop booklets are available in both English and Danish.

The goal of each booklet is...

... to open up the individual, bring out the best in them, and equip them with powerful tools to create and contribute to the vision.

The workshop books will after the process...

...stand as a testimony to what each individual has contributed in terms of reflection, insights, solving tasks etc. The booklets involve everyone in the creation of the vision.

Outputs and impact of the Ambitious Teams workshop programme Create the Vision:

Every participant…
Gets his or her own personal relationship with the vision through the involving process.
Will be competent and motivated to turn vision into action.
Will have dreamed his og her way into the future with the organization.
Will be motivated to bring the team up a level in well-being and efficiency.

The team will have brought together its initiatives, tasks and actions so that they all point in the same direction - towards the vision.