The Insights Discovery Profile

- a solid psychological foundation in effective workshop programmes

The Insights Discovery Profile...

is easy to understand

The Insights Person Profile is a personal report of about 20 pages that describes your preferred working style, i.e. your behaviour in your professional role.

Gives all employees a high level of self-awareness

Every organisation benefits from employees who understand themselves and know how to raise others up. The Insights Discovery Profile allows individuals to understand their own strengths, but also areas for development.

Develops the individual in a motivating way

The Insights Profile is used as an anchor point in culture change, team optimization, leadership development, change implementation, trust building, etc. because it respects the recipient as a unique individual.

World-class validity and reliability

Insights The personal profile oozes quality

The Insights Discovery Person Profile is externally approved and validated by the leading industry standards:

British Psychological Society American Psychological Association DNV-GL Occupational Test Tools

Good evidence has been demonstrated for:

Konstruktvaliditet Intern reliabilitet Temporal reliabilitet
The Insights profile is based on psychological research.

Specific learning elements from the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung are the basic assumptions behind the Insights Discovery Profile. Namely, that as human beings we have unique preferences, which can be categorised and communicated in an understandable way.

Insights Discovery is used worldwide.

Not only in English, but also in over 30 other languages, the Insights Profile is valid and reliable. For more than 30 years, the evaluator behind the Insights Profile has been optimised by teams of psychologists and psychometricians, both from Insights and from various universities.

The high validity ensures effective workshops

When validity is among the highest in the world for preference measurement, the stage is set for truly motivating workshops where participants readily accept feedback and work constructively with learning.

The Insights Profile unfolds your potential

All Insights Profiles produced worldwide are unique. The text is aimed at the exact recipient. The effect of this is that the recipient experiences and receives a mirror image of himself in his hand, but a mirror image in the form of writing.

The effect of using the Insights Profile in workshops

The Insights Discovery Profile...
Lets the individual find the solution within himself

Participants typically receive their own Insights Discovery Profile at the first workshop.Throughout a development programme we can revisit it again and again. It will optimise the team by motivating each participant to search for aligned behaviours. It's all about stretching yourself appropriately.

Provides self-insight and a nuanced outlook

It is precisely in the continuous work on oneself and the team's development where the personal profile becomes really rich. Do you know how others perceive you? And how do you authentically respect your colleagues? With its easy-to-understand colour language, everyone gets a nuanced view of each other. Everyone feels seen.

Naturally creates authentic respect in the team

It doesn't take many misinterpretations before conflict breeds. Imagine if everyone in your team knew each other's preferred behaviours. Then you could repeatedly get the best out of each other. The Insights Discovery Profile makes you visible in a nuanced way.

How can the Insights Discovery Profile help you?

Yes, the possibilities are almost endless...
You can create a motivated and positive culture

The Insights Profile brings the recipient to a positive and resouceful mindset, where it's all about learning.

You can create greater and healthier efficiency

With the self-awareness you gain with the Insights Profile, your employees will be motivated to interact positively and playfully with each other.

You can put action and momentum behind your strategies

Through the Insights Profile, each person becomes aware of what they should be doing more of and less of behaviourally.

You can significantly reduce absence and absenteeism

With just 3 focused workshops, you can create a positive cohesion that allows everyone to find meaning and purpose in the team.

The Insights Profile is a psychological tool that can be reused again and again

The Insights Discovery Profile...
Provides an overview of the team's DNA

With its illustrations in the form of colourful graphs and the Insights Wheel, the Insights Discovery Profile helps everyone understand the team's own potential strengths and pitfalls. Everyone can easily see what the team should prioritise and pay particular attention to, in order to perform better.

Can be integrated into meetings, exercises and events

Because the Insights Discovery Profile is so easy to understand and speaks such a clear language about behaviour, you can easily bring it into play when the team needs to be shaken up, motivated or just find direction together. Only your imagination sets the limits.

Can be used for onboarding procedures and one-on-one interviews

Imagine that the team has to integrate new employees without too much hassle. If the new employees receive their Insights Profile within the first month, everyone in the team will know what to expect from them for better or worse. Inclusion happens naturally.

Selected programmes Ambitious Teams have designed and delivered, where

The Insights Discovery Profile had a decisive effect.

Sådan bliver vi et højtydende team

International management team for a research unit of 60 people. The Insights Discovery Profile was used over 3 thematic workshops in particular to create a significant positive impact on the way each individual showed trust and respect for each other. As a result, particularly sensitive issues were discussed in a respectful manner, resulting in appropriate solutions. The designed workshop book ensured that learning was sustained.

Creating a sense of belonging

With managers living in different parts of Europe, it is often difficult to feel like a team. Therefore, over a period of 1 year, workshops were delivered, but also tools in the form of exercises, challenges and small events packaged in a workshop book. All of this created an authentic sense of cohesion that was conducive to collective achievement. The Insights Profile qualified their immediate interpretations of each other, which significantly reduced the level of conflict, as well as creating the necessary conversational space for momentum.

Creating a vision for 2025

Over a period of 3 months, 3 workshops were held, each with its specific purpose in terms of vision creation. The management and the organisation were involved in the creation of the vision and appropriate behaviour was motivated. The Insights Profile created a shared awareness of the potential pitfalls that existed between management and staff, while the workshops and specific workshop books were designed to motivate each person to stretch themselves for the good of the team.

Reduction of absenteeism

Over a period of approximately 4 months, the focus was on reducing absence and absenteeism in a number of units, totalling 150 people. With the help of the Insights Profile, participants were brought to a higher level of self-awareness about the signals they use to influence each other. Each team had individual sources of high absenteeism. These were addressed in a motivating and engaging way, focusing on the individual's resources, potential and contribution to the team. Absenteeism was reduced across the board by double-digit percentages.

Diversity & Inclusion

A group of HR managers from different companies had a common goal of putting diversity and inclusion on the drawing board in their respective companies. I therefore wrote a 60-page workshop book with exercises, challenges, dilemmas and boosters that they could respectively integrate in their companies. Through the workshop book, I translated the latest psychological research on diversity and inclusion into easy-to-understand exercises that would also have an impact. The Insights Profile made them aware of how they each send signals that are either conducive or unhelpful to being role models for diversity and inclusion.

Coaching leaders

I delivered several leadership coachings, onboarding dialogues and conflict resolution conversations in 2021 based on the Insights Discovery Profile. Several leaders choose a coaching program consisting of 3 sessions over 3 months. Each time, the Insights Person Profile is used as the conversation tool that in a resourceful way causes us to also itemize pitfalls, learnings, blind spots and weaknesses in a proper and sound way. Each person is offered a specifically designed coaching book full of good advice and challenging questions for them. The people I have in-depth conversations with report great satisfaction and impact from the coaching.

Talent development

For 8 years I have provided talent development to a special group of gifted young people. The batch of gifted youngster is new every year. Each talent workshop is anchored in the Insights Discovery Profile, and delivered either online or face to face in a group of about 190 participants. There is nothing better than giving a young person an aha experience, self-awareness and a push in the right direction in terms of personal development. Research into talent development is translated into motivational exercises in a workshop book they can use for years to come.

The successful collaboration with subsequent group coaching

A department of 5 teams participated in 2 motivating and cohesive workshops, everyone received their own Insights Discovery Profile. The focus was on fostering successful collaboration through increased self-awareness, greater awareness of colleague needs, and generally by positively welcoming. Participants received both a workshop booklet and a group coaching book to empower them in their future development. Participants were also challenged with boosters between sessions. The intervention has had a significant positive impact, partly due to the management's commitment to the programme.

Respectful communication

For a team of 35 people who had already received their Insights Discovery Profile over the past few years, I ran a workshop that brought everyone up to the same level of knowledge about self-awareness and insight into others. The framework of respectful communication ensured that everyone had a unique experience with the Insights Discovery Profile and found all the exercises new and engaging. Everyone took ownership for developing their communicative behaviour, and demanding next steps.

Motivational feedback

For a team of 35 people who had already received their Insights Discovery Profile over the past few years, I ran a workshop that brought everyone up to the same level of knowledge about self-awareness and insight into others. The framework of respectful communication ensured that everyone had a unique experience with the Insights Discovery Profile and found all the exercises new and engaging. Everyone took ownership for developing their communicative behaviour, and demanding next steps.

And much more...

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