Individual effectiveness

Individual effectiveness can also be delivered virtually
Individet i teamet.

An engaging and motivating workshop for the whole team

Individual effectiveness is a dynamic and entertaining workshop that has the participants interact with each other during the day. They will be exploring their preferences, intentions and personal perceptions for the benefit of the team. Through playful exercises, card games and strengthbased feedback each participant will discover a whole new world within the team. The learning will be deeply anchored in the team as motivation for adapting and connecting. Heartful dialogues, autentic relations supported by psychological processes create a trusting environment where it is safe to be open and show vulnerability. Each participant on Individual effectiveness will receive a psychological profile for true and real growth. Througout the workshops we will pivot around each individuals’ development of self-awareness and new comperences.

The personal profile will serve as our individual referencepoint on other workshops as well.

The workshop booklet

Creates maximum effect

Every participant receives the workshop booklet Individual effectiveness, either a printet tangible version or in a pdf.-version. The workshop booklet has very specific functions.

It guarantees that...

...each participant retains the maximum of learning, since the booklet is directly connected to the flow and progress of the interactive workshop.

It safeguards the knowledge sharing of each individual.... everyone knows how to interact with that person.

It contains several...

... exercises, psychological nudges, motivational tasks and space for individual reflections.

The workshop booklet Individual effectiveness quickly becomes the best friend of the HR-manager and the team leader. Why? Well, you can directly coach the owner, based on how great an effort they have made to make the team better. Either they have proactively worked on their self-awareness, or they have not.

Guaranteed value and effect of the workshop Individual effectiveness

of the workshop Individual effectiveness

The participants…

I recommend Individual effectiveness as the first module on your journey towards your team goals

With boosters the team leader can integrate the learnings from the workshop Individual effectiveness

Boosters for the team leader

At the end of Individual effectiveness the teamleader receives a package of boosters for continual improvement of the team. Finding some ambassadors within the team for seriously playing the boosters is the right way forward. This will prolong the momentum, trust and motivation from the workshop.

5 specific exercises

To run post workshop – with instructions5 dilemmas

5 dilemmas

For the team to solve on their own

5 bi-weekly challenges

To engage the team in keeping up the new purposeful habits

And much more!

The teamleader receives the tools to truly anchor the experiences from Individual effectiveness workshop, so higher effectiveness and better team climate can be achieved.

These boosters will give you significantly higher effect of the workshop.

Individual effectiveness can also be delivered virtually

Three short statements from the workshop Individual effectiveness

GDPR demands an anonymisation of the statements, but references can be shared upon request and consent.

Download the workshop The individual in the team in pdf for a good decision-making basis.